Why us

Agile and flexible

Clear vision, state of art technology and environmental commitment don’t end with our product but start within the burning heart of the company.


Exceeding in excellence

We are not a factory but a partner. Therefore, everything starts with listening to our clients and understanding the needs of the end consumer. We take our partnership seriously and work with you every step of the way while keeping our promise of delivering quality on every level. Being especially proud of the fact, that we get to work with one of the purest glasses in the world, we make

sure to top it of with state of art craftmanship, advanced product automation and automatic inspection that ensure your product becomes the definition of excellence. We are appreciative and honoured that our hard work has received many awards and been recognised by international ISO 9001:2015 standards.

It’s not about what is, but what could be
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Innovatiove approach doesn’t end with our end products but flows through every vein of the company. We are always looking for new ways to grow and are grateful that our clients help pushing us further into redefining what is possible.

Specialized in targeting niche products for high end industry allows us not to be content with resting on our accomplishments but constantly reach for more. To continue on providing high-quality innovative services we strive to always stay one step ahead. This resulted in establishing the New Materials Development Centre, that develops new and innovative materials while searching for environment friendly solutions in collaboration with several scientific research institutions.

It endeavours to develop more automation and improved optimization of the production processes, thereby providing a significant competitive advantage all while creating new job oppourtuinities. In cooperation with equipment suppliers, the centre has developed and established a control line for both the optical and contact detection of defects in glass products, furnished the quality control laboratory with modern equipment for performing inner pressure testing of glass products and taking measurements of external profiles, inner tensions and other product quality factors. It has also developed, tested and evaluated a cell for pre-blowing automation as well.

We are not only committed to our clients but are very aware of our social and environmental role as well. Investing in innovative solutions we make the most of waste heat, replace fossil fuels with environmentally friendly alternatives and improve the utilisation of melting furnaces. By taking on the project of Energy conversion optimisation we are using water as fuel and reducing CO2 emmisions for more than 10%

While developing a completely new procedure of melting glass using hydrogen, we envisioned the pilot installation where we installed solar power plant that generated a proportion of green energy. Read more about our projects >>


Responsive and responsible

We don’t only create the right product for the client but produce it in the right way as well. Each of us has a role in the society and environment and we fullfil ours responsibly. On our way to a better tomorrow we don’t just do what is neccessery but seek new solutions that will improve our quality of life.

We are proud that we created a world of possibilities, where we can weight on different opions and choose the one that is best for environment, society and our employees.

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Glass science made simple
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It looks simple because we work hard to make it seem so. Our advanced automated technologies allow us to bring to life even the most challenging products, while our flexible production enables us to deliver impecable products regardless their size, volume and shape.

Today end consumers are not expecting just an excellent product, but a unique and personal experience. Therefore, the quality of our service must be at the highest level on every level. With this in mind we put state-of-art technology in the focus and have implemented Industry 4.0, that further increases quality, productivity and sustainability of our production. To make your product pop among competitors you can choose from a variety of advanced decoration options, from simple to complex – whichever makes your customer tick.

By constantly investing in processes optimization and using the best tools and equipment for production we create an irreplacable impact on the product and environment all while increasing the safety of our personnel. This innovative approach and investing in digitalisation combined with long tradition and sophisticated know-how make us the first choice for even the most technically demanding challenges.


Located in the heart of Europe

Slovenia has always been known for its strategic location, that has resulted in great land-sea-air transport system which enables goods being moved quickly and reliably through EU market and worldwide. The country is well renowned due to its high-quality services, business attitude and great financial system as well.

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