Webinar Video: Reducing the Gravity of Glass

Webinar Video: Reducing the Gravity of Glass

On 22nd of July we shared with our customers a new way of communicating our recent developments, projects, solutions, and much more. In the 1st webinar we discussed the possibilities of optimizing the weight of bottles, which is part of our value engineering solutions and brings many benefits to all parties involved. This solution coincides with the current times and offers an adequate answer to your needs.

The recent epidemics affected us all in different ways. Accompanying it was a definite decline in the customer consumption of spirits and perfumes which poses a threat to our industry. Is there a way we can bridge this gap and continue the cycle? Will the customers’ demand ever get to the past level?

There is a growing need for solutions that offer a holistic answer to such challenges. We have to adapt and try to mitigate both the pressures of smaller prices and ecological regulatives. That is why we present weight optimization of glass as one of solutions to this multi-faceted issue. New production methods make it possible to manufacture thinner, lightweight glass containers. Our lightweight glass technology guarantees that our sustainable glass bottles weigh less while remaining as appealing, strong and stable as their heavier predecessors…

So why lightweight? Find out all the details in our webinar video.


Watch the video HERE!

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