Glass is a magic material.

Glass is a magic material.

What do you love most about what you do?

For me glass is a magic material. I’ve been working with glass for so many years, but I can still learn and discover its “secrets“. With so many  chemical and physical processes  going on in the furnace you can never be bored. And it’s also a pleasure to see transfering a new bottle project from paper drawings to final glass production. Customer’s joy and satisfaction, when we meet all their expectation,  brings joy also to my coleagues and me.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I used to study psychology in my free time and my mentor once told me: »Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok. You can’t please everyone. But you can live and act in your life  in a way,  you can  fall asleep peacefully every night. A clean conscience makes a soft pillow.«

And this quote has been my guideline ever since.

What is the most exciting project/memorable moment/achievement you’ve worked on recently and why?

Currently, we are writing a new chapter in a glassmaking industry by melting glass with hydrogen. We successfully manufactured bottles for spirits using hydrogen to melt glass. It’s the first commercial use of hydrogen in the glass packaging industry. This project represents an essential step towards a more sustainable future for the glass manufacturing industry.

What skills or qualities do you believe are essential for success in your industry?

Collaboration, communication, adaptability and problem-solving skills are essential in every bussines not just in glass industry.  A certain level of knowledge or expertise in all aspects of glass production is also very important and especially transferring this knowledge within the organization.

What do you think sets our team/company apart from others in the industry?

Steklarna Hrastnik is 164 years old. Our valley has been living with glass for so many years, families from one generaton to another. Dedication, passion, knowledge and love for glass of our employees can overcome many obstacles and challenges.

Tell us a surprising or fun fact about you.

I always check the quality of glasses in restaurants and shopping malls.

It’s a professional deformation

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