Elegance and masculinity with a deep punt, Taurus will surely stand out.

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Elegance and masculinity with a deep punt, Taurus will surely stand out.

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Enhanced elements from to the historical “Cognaçaise”,

focusing on high-end premium quality to make it remarkable.

Story of Taurus

With their love for money and wealth, Taurus is one of the most powerful and committed signs that harvests the fruits of labour. We transferred their sensual and conservative touch into packaging design which resulted in creating one of the most reliable bottles for your cognac, brandy or any other spirit.

You will find this mighty bottle a practical fit for your rich flavoured drink. Discover a way to create excitement and impact with a bottle. Use the advantages of this outstanding collection bottle and alter it to show your liquor characteristics.

When heritage meets modern

Taurus bottle has been specially designed for exceptional spirits. With that in mind, we found a way to inject life into the historic bottle form that is typical for cognac: the cognaçaise. Updated packaging can be used for more than just cognac and it will appeal to the new, young and decadent consumer in addition to a traditional and loyal one.

Taurus collection bottle is easy to fill, label, and decorate and allows boundless personalization options. With adaptability and quality as main assets, it is the best ally for your creations.

Compatible with many various caps.

It's not about what it is,
it's about what it can become.

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Why us

Clear vision, state of art technology and environmental commitment don’t end with our product but start within the burning heart of the company.

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