Future Friendly

Environmental responsibility and policies are the cornerstone of all our operations. By constantly analysing and monitoring products and services, we are investing in technological solutions, that have a positive impact and promote change in the right way.


There is no plan(et) B

While we have achieved many milestones, we never rest on any of them, but keep pushing forward. Even after transitioning to Industry 4.0 we keep on further improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint by implementing a range of innovative projects and production technologies.By investing in innovative solutions, we want to make the most of

waste heat, replace fossil fuels with environmentally friendly alternatives, improve the utilisation of melting furnaces and other solutions. We are immensely proud that in 2018 Steklarna Hrastnik reduced the consumption of energy per ton of melted glass by 10%, CO2 emissions by 6%, and NOx per ton of melted glass by 40%, all while using 50% less water than in 2017.

Always in good company
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Motivated, passionate and most importantly fulfilled employees are the main force driving the growth of the company. Being aware, that it is a privilege to work with people like that, we give back by prioritizing their needs and wishes in areas of recruitment and employee development. Employmet is a two-way relationship. Our employees invest their time in the company.

Therefore we make sure they get the return on investment and invest back into them through internal and external trainings and by giving everybody a chance to grow and broaden their knowledge. We care for every individual and make sure they can confide in us and talk openly while offering them transparency in our actions and decisions.

We made sure their rights are protected by introducing several acts, among them are mobbing prevention, employer branding, the right to freedom of association, collective bargaining and cooperation with trade unions. We are a family friendly company that provides scholarships for young talents and jobs to people with diasabilities, with the latter being one of our proudest honors.


You are what you give back

We are well aware of our responsibility to the society and make sure to make a positive contribution to the community in which we operate and help create a better environment for society as a whole. With sponsorships and donations, we assist various organisations, associations and groups, particularly in the local Zasavje region.

Investing in sports, culture, education of the young and various humanitarian activities is crucial to our company. And that to the extand that we publish a call for the allocation of sponsorship and donation funds every year and always allocate funds from total revenues for sponsorships and donations.

Sustainability report

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