Steklarna Hrastnik with its own fragrance of values

Steklarna Hrastnik with its own fragrance of values

Hrastnik – Steklarna Hrastnik has now captured its own fragrance in its perfume bottles. The fragrance is called ECHO and it is the scent of the company values that guide its employees. It was created specifically for Steklarna Hrastnik by multimedia artist Eva Petrič, who instilled it with purity, passion, and warmth, all of which is reflected in Steklarna Hrastnik and its employees.


Starting with the initial fresh scent, which embodies purity, ECHO transitions into a strong and passionate scent which ends on a soft note which represents the heart. This limited edition fragrance, which is an air freshener product, is packed in the Andy bottle from the High Glass Perfumes Collection. Steklarna Hrastnik manufactures these bottles from one of the purest types of glass in the world. The bottle is adorned with a pattern of Idrija lace, Stem Cell of Potential, The Images of Shadow, which is also the work of internationally renowned artist Eva Petrič, who has been enthusiastically using glass as a medium for her art installations for years.


The artist, who works and exhibits in cultural centres such as Vienna, Paris, and New York, perceives glass as an intermediary between our inner personal world and the outer public space. She has exhibited her images, shadows on glass, in the An Echo/A Stain exhibition organised at the renowned New York Galerie Mourlot close to the famous Central Park.


The lace on the ECHO fragrance also stands for the potential of the shadows and the potential of emotions. “In recent years, I have been mainly interested in the human form; shadows and emotions, all what people have in common. The shadow, which we usually perceive as something dark, hidden, and dramatic, but also often use to hide our emotions, is the leitmotif of my work, as all people, regardless of gender or race, have a shadow. My work explores and expresses it with the help of various media. Due to its reflections, glass enables us to look into our inner selves and what we see depends on how we are feeling,” says Petrič about her artistic journey and the project for Steklarna Hrastnik.


This is how Steklarna Hrastnik presents itself with the ECHO fragrance. Its inner self comprises purity, passion, and warmth, i.e. the “ingredients” for top-quality products which the glassworks presents to the global market or its outer public space. “I am convinced that the ECHO fragrance, which is captured in the Andy bottle from the High Glass Perfumes Collection made from one of the purest types of glass in the world, is an innovative way of presenting our products to the market, which has become a growing focus for Steklarna Hrastnik,” said mag. Peter Čas, General Manager of Steklarna Hrastnik.


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