Steklarna Hrastnik in cooperation with the JRE association winners of the Red Dot Award

Steklarna Hrastnik in cooperation with the JRE association winners of the Red Dot Award

Steklarna Hrastnik, your global business partner in the development and production of state-of-the-art glass packaging, in cooperation with the JRE association, is proud to announce that our RE ◦ water bottle has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2023. Among a remarkable number of products from companies and design studios worldwide, this victory is a testament to the exceptional quality of the RE ◦ water bottle.

Water – a vital source of life caught in a bottle

The RE ◦ water bottle, which features a unique punt design, not only packages water but also promotes and raises awareness about the importance of clean drinking water. The bottle represents a focal point in haute cuisine restaurants, where the staff presents the whole story to the guests, making them understand the concept of preserving the natural environment for future generations.

The award-winning design is the result of collaboration and a clear vision

The bottle was developed with Hrastnik1860 Design Studio and manufactured in our glassworks. Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of Steklarna Hrastnik’s strategy, and the RE ◦ water bottle’s choice of material – the cleanest glass – reflects this. Glass, a completely recyclable and reusable material, ensures that the bottle respects the valuable content it carries.

RE ◦ water bottle was developed by Hrastnik1860 Design Studio and produced in our glassworks through a collaboration between our designer, Tanja Mudrinič, and Gašper Puhan, the vice president of the European culinary association, JRE Jeunes Restauranteurs. Both Tanja and Gašper are experienced and award-winning designers who were classmates at the Academy of Fine Arts. They designed the bottle with the idea that water deserves a prestigious design while still being practical for use in restaurants.

The punt design creates an illusion and visual effects that give the bottle a touch of water’s purity and reflection. It symbolizes the regional diversity of water, shimmers when moved, and ensures great stability due to the weight at the bottom.

A minimalistic design along with functionality

The minimalist bottle design accentuated at the top further suggests the strength and significance of its contents, making it a design product used daily in the most eminent restaurants in Slovenia and soon in Europe.

Winning the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2023 was among the first steps of Steklarna Hrastnik and the JRE association’s success. We aim to continue to promote sustainability and raise awareness about clean drinking water through our innovative and sustainable projects.

JRE Water Bottle
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