Company: Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
Development: Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
Gold Award: Excellence in Business to Consumer

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Company: Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
Development: Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
Gold Award: Excellence in Business to Consumer

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“e.bottle not only packages the product but as a smart glass bottle also transports the brand world in an intimate and contemporary fashion to the end customer. This permits direct communication with consumers, creating an expanded customer experience that can reinforce the bond with the brand. An interesting, technically cleanly implemented marketing tool that promises versatile use and communication potential for modern brands.” 



The growing trends in the world of advanced packaging bring important new features and experiences. Premium beverage and perfume brands are looking for smart packaging to communicate to their customers to increase the customer experience and to track their products.

There are challenges in ensuring smart glass bottles are recycled, which then limit the complexity of used electronics devices and economic efficiency. In addition, digitalization, the rise of eCommerce, and changing supply chains overall have stretched the limitations of existing glass design as a packaging material. Moreover, supply chain disruption due to the covid-19 crisis stresses the need for more optimal operation of the recycling process, which should be first supported by an improved recycling rate. The lack of suitable collection channels and commitment from consumers represent the biggest barriers.

Steklarna Hrastnik’s ambitious strategy is based on four key pillars of the business: employee, sustainable development, innovation and customer orientation. The e.bottle project presents the result of a successful implementation of the business strategy into practice, which, through the synergy between different sectors and the transformational way of management creates a higher added value and an important competitive advantage.

Smart solutions towards digitalisation

Functionalities and user benefits:

  • Engage the end customers by personalizing the user experience and by creating awareness of the importance of resource recovery and the benefits for the environment resulting from the reuse of glass.
  • Connect brands with end-users through their products, in an easy and unique way, use advanced analytics and a custom reward system for tracking, targeting, and communicating with individual groups
  • Optimize the production processes to accommodate resource reuse, reducing the costs derived from raw materials, energy, and ecological impacts. Respond to COVID-19 related business challenges and supply instabilities.
  • Promote a smaller, tighter, and more local circular economy production that helps to minimize the crisis’s effects through the recovery and reuse of resources. Smart solution enables monitoring environmental impacts throughout the whole supply chain.

e.bottle receives Gold German Innovation Award

Steklarna Hrastnik ranks among the winners of the Gold distinction, the highest one awarded by the jury for the German Innovation Awards 2021. The company convinced the jury with e.bottle, which was entered in the ‘Food & Beverages’ category in the ‘Excellence in Business to Consumer’ class of the competition. The intelligent bottle features a reusable electronic tag that combines wireless smartphone communication, IoT sensor elements, and RBG LED functions.

The German Innovation Awards jury is made up of top-class experts from a range of disciplines and embodies diverse expertise, including in product design, marketing, computer science, history of technology, physics, patent consulting, and financial services.

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