Fire and ice.

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Fire and ice.

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The dynamic synergy of fire and ice

The Saturn bottle, one of our most popular bottles, is connected to the most beautiful planet in our solar system, Saturn, from which it takes its name. Just as the planet’s strong magnetic field captivates and attracts attention, the Super Premium Saturn bottle, with its appealing design, different volumes and finishes, is sure to draw crowds.


  • Volume: 50-750 ml
  • Weight: 100-700 g
  • Finish: OMN, GPI, BVP
  • Quality standard: Super Premium


Saturn is the most wonderful planet in our solar system, adorned with thousands of beautiful ice rings, and is unique among the planets. Precisely because of its imposingness, it cannot be confused with others. In Roman mythology, Saturn appears as the god of birth, abundance, and wealth. In honour of Saturn, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia every December, a festival of feasting, freedom, gift-giving, and revelry.

The stunning planet brings astonishing mythological stories, and unforgettable are also stories about the breathtaking bestseller, the Saturn bottle, which comes to life most in the company of fiery content. The eye-catching bottle will attract crowds, just as they were drawn to the ancient games or the strong magnetic field of this unique planet.

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