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At Hrastnik1860, we know how to listen and find solutions for various glass packaging challenges faced by our customers and business partners. Our glass packaging stories are the creation of Hrastnik1860 full-service solution and design studio expertise. Inspiring projects begin with ideas brought to life by custom design, the specificity of customer requirements, and the technical sophistication of the glass bottles. We are proud to be able to share some of our successful spirit packaging projects with you. Sail into the stories of premium packaging design, which are united by innovation, purity, and of course – glass.

Melifera gin

Expertise: Embossing

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XO Cognac

Expertise: Flatness of sides, Cooling the bottom

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Chopin Vodka Family Reserve

Expertise: Embossed side grooves

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Francoli Grappa

Case study >>


Expertise: Packaging design

Case study >>


Expertise: Embossing

Case study >>

Gasper Wines Markiza

Expertise: Bottle punt, Bottle decoration

Case study >>

La Distillerie Generale

Case study >>

Monologue Gin

Case study >>

Nong Fu Water

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Pink 47 Gin

Case study>>

Swedish Tonic Glogg

Expertise: Packaging & Decoration

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JRE RE ◦ water

Expertise: Bottle design, Punt

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Olimia bottle

Expertise: Bottle design

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Other references

More eye-catching and unique spirit bottle collaborations between diverse businesses and Hrastnik1860, distinguished by quality, custom glass design, and decoration, can be seen here.

Parson Gin

Pegasus Orion Gin

Thomas XO Cognac

David Gin

Brandy Boisa V.S.O.P.

Brandy Boisa XO

Metaxa Brandy

Svarog Gin

Badel Prima Brand Black Brandy

Badel Premium Selection Šljivovica

Double Cross Vodka

Beremot Vodka

Two Birds – London Dry Gin

Butterfly Cannon Tequila

Dear Olives

AP gin

Sergeant’s Valor

Arete Puro

Polarity Gin

Wise Grus

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We can promise you the creation of your dream bottle design and glass decoration that highlights amazing optical effects and conveys a clear message to your clients with Hrastnik1860 design studio and our full-service solution – with purity, passion, heart, and knowledge.

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