Q: What is your minimum order?

At Steklarna Hrastnik, your needs come first, which is why we are as flexible as possible even with a minimum order of products. We primarily manufacture large series of products, as we operate on the b2b market, but for smaller quantities, we have an excellent distribution network and we can easily direct you to the right address, where they will take care of you if the desired quantity is too small for our production. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: What is your minimum order for decoration?

The minimum order quantity for decoration is 3000 pieces.

Q: What is the minimum order to produce a custom bottle?

The minimum order for making custom bottles depends on the complexity of the project. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: Can I get samples and how do I order them?

Of course, samples can be ordered. To order samples, write to sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: Do you keep bottles in stock?

We always have some models of collection bottles in stock. To check the stock of an individual model, write to us at sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: Do you have distributors and where?

Of course, especially in Europe, we can take pride in having a very well-developed distribution network. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com and we will redirect you to the right address.



Q: Where do you ship from? Are you also able to provide transport?

We ship products from the address of our production facilities in Hrastnik (Slovenia), but shipments are possible all over the world. At your request, we can also arrange transport and export-customs documentation for your order.

Q: Where do you ship?

We ship products worldwide, and we also arrange export and customs services for worldwide shipments.

Q: Who is liable to pay customs, duties, and tariffs?

Export customs services are usually arranged at Steklarna Hrastnik, while import customs are arranged by the buyer himself. However, each project has its own specifics, so for more information, contact us at sales@hrastnik1860.com and you will receive accurate information related directly to your question.

Products and Services


Q: Do you have coloured glass in your portfolio?

At Steklarna Hrastnik, we are currently primarily focused on the production of extra flint glass, but it is also possible to produce colored glass, depending on the desired quantity and your other requirements. For more information, send us an inquiry at sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: What volume of bespoke bottles can you provide?

Steklarna Hrastnik has the capacity to design and manufacture bottles with volumes ranging from 50 milliliters to 3 liters. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: Where can I see your catalogue?

You can view the catalog of the entire bottle collection on the website here, and all flyers and product information are also available here.

Q: Can I also buy caps from you?

Of course, Steklarna Hrastnik offers not only the production of bottles but a full-service solution where, in addition to the bottle, you can receive design, caps, decoration, and packaging for bottles. You can find more information about Hrastnik1860 design studio here.

Q: Can you develop a custom bottle for me?

Of course, at Steklarna Hrastnik we can develop a bottle completely according to your wishes. Regardless of whether you have just started playing with the idea of your bottle or you already have a sketch or plan, our design studio experts will help you with the development, design or redesign, prototyping, decoration, and deciding on suitable accessories, when making renderings …

Hrastnik1860 design studio offers you a comprehensive solution for bottle design, graphic design, or redesign. Excellent work and many years of experience are the reason why some of the most prestigious brands in the world trust us.

You can find more information about making a custom bottle here.

Q: How long does it take to develop a custom bottle?

The duration of development and production of a custom bottle depends on the complexity of the project and your wishes. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com.

Q: What bottle decoration techniques do you offer?

We offer various bottle decoration options and you can check them out here. For more information, send us an inquiry to sales@hrastnik1860.com.



Q: What certificates do you have?

All certificates and information about them can be found here.

Q: What if I can’t find answers to my questions here?

If you do not find the information you are looking for among the answers, do not hesitate to write to us at sales@hrastnik1860.com and together we will find the right answers to your questions.

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