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Pink 47 Gin

Highly acclaimed with 13 international spirit awards, among them The Gin Masters’ Gold Standard 2016, and lovingly served in over 30 countries Pink 47 is a premium gin with a higher level of alcohol that enables it to capture the botanical flavours of a traditional London Dry Gin and premium taste. It is carefully crafted in small batches from a delicious recipe using a mix of 12 botanicals from around the world.


Crafted with attention to detail

Pink 47 is named after the Khavaraya pink diamond which also influences the design of its multi-faceted, screen printed bottle. This unique diamond bottle design reflects the crispness and clarity of the contents.

Hrastnik1860 was chosen to be one of the right partners to bring this project to retail shelves on time. As actively expanding in spirits business it is very important to be able to understand the challenges customers have in this specific industry. Apart from having years of experience and reknowned quality of the glass, our customers expect us to also have the willingness to participate in translating marketing architectural layouts into glass industrialized projects. Having a strong team of development, technical and production experts who are willing to go many times through the feasibility of different options was considered a turnkey in winning the following project.

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