Feminine rounded moon.

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Feminine rounded moon.

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Sip of elegance, inspired by Pandora's grace

Saturn’s moons were originally named after Greco-Roman Titans and their descendants, and Pandora follows this tradition. The name »Pandora«, meaning »all-gifted«, is associated with the first woman, created by Zeus to counterbalance the gift of fire.

The Pandora bottle shares this feminine grace and generosity in its rounded design. Just as Pandora was endowed with mythological gifts, this elliptical-shaped decanter grants a touch of luxury to your spirit.


  • Volume: 700 ml
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Finish: Carnette
  • Quality standards: Super Premium


We affectionately refer to Saturn’s Pandora as ‘The Heavily Cratered Ring Shepherd.’ Each of Saturn’s moons is a treasure trove of unique surprises, and Pandora is no exception. Just as the moon reveals its secrets in a myriad of ways, our dazzling collection bottle holds its own surprises.

The Pandora bottle boasts a refined design and unparalleled versatility that transforms every spirit into a distinctive experience. With its rounded edges and gracefully curved base, it exudes feminine charm and sophisticated elegance. This super-premium decanter is truly impressive, fitting comfortably in your hand and exuding a sense of timeless class.

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