Pallas & Pallas Universe

Impact greatness of asteroid

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Impact greatness of asteroid

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Crafted for cosmic taste

Pallas, a significant asteroid in the asteroid belt and the second one to be discovered ranks as the third largest among them. It is named after Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Pallas possesses a distinctive cylindrical shape with a generously sized decorative surface, making it easy to customize due to its flat length. The bottle features sharper shoulders and a graceful punt, emphasizing its premium and lightweight characteristics. This design offers a refreshing take on the conventional cylindrical shape and is versatile for various types of spirits.


  • Volume: 700 ml
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Finish: F10, GPI
  • Quality standards: Premium

Pallas Universe

Shape with orbital eccentricity

Pallas Universe represents an enhanced version of our Pallas bottle, retaining the cylindrical shape with ample room for customization on its flat surface. With its angular shoulders and a structure reminiscent of the universe’s lines, this bottle exhibits a graceful punt, highlighting its premium and lightweight attributes. It serves as a modern twist on the standard cylindrical shape and is adaptable for a wide range of spirits.

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