HRASTNIK1860 novelty: Alaska – one bottle. Two characters.

HRASTNIK1860 novelty: Alaska – one bottle. Two characters.

With its new bottle, Alaska, Steklarna Hrastnik is strengthening its position among manufacturers of prestigious packaging glass.


Alaska represents a refreshment and enrichment of the HighGlass collection, which now counts 15 bottles. The design is pure and simple, yet complex. The duality is evident from two silhouettes intertwining into a single form. This duality offers numerous opportunities for individualisation and personalisation and can meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.


“The Alaska bottle is the winner of the Packaging Design Award 2017. Such competitions represent an excellent opportunity for our glassworks to get numerous fresh and innovative ideas,” said Peter Čas, General Manager of Steklarna Hrastnik, on the occasion, adding that “Steklarna Hrastnik is becoming increasingly aware that the success of our client’s brand is significantly affected by having an attractive and high-quality packaging. We therefore offer our clients comprehensive and innovative solutions – from the design and production to a personalised decor and bottle stopper.”
The exceptional purity of glass with a crystal shine, modern and technologically perfected production, and the possibility of manufacturing small batches enable a fast response to the increased market requirements and demands. For this reason, Steklarna Hrastnik increased its production capacities in the second quarter of the year in the most demanding segment of packaging glass.

A video presentation of the new Alaska bottle and the entire HighGlass collection is available here.

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