New spirit collection bottles

New spirit collection bottles

Steklarna Hrastnik is strengthening its position in the most complex segment of packaging glass and tearing down borders and thrilling with its new designs of Hrastnik1860 super premium glass collection bottles. The pure and natural designs of LUNA and ORION on one hand, and the modern geometric lines of JUPITER POLARIS on the other, express minimalism and clean forms of Scandinavian design.

The new bottles from the Hrastnik 1860 collection extend the range of exceptional super premium range of bottles manufactured in the finest extra white flint glass, with a crystal shine which provide the perfect packaging solution for most spirit brands. The design of the new bottles offers numerous opportunities for individualisation and personalisation and can meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Inspired by space.

All three bottles; Jupiter Polaris, Orion, and Luna were designed in cooperation with the Nude Brand Creation packaging design agency. The designers found their inspiration in simple shapes, Scandinavian minimalism, and infinity of space.

ORION, named after the greek god of hunting, exudes quiet strength & masculine robustness. The shape is brutally clear and simple, with equal sides and a distinctive square punt. It is ideally suited for cognac, bourbon, whiskey, tequila, or even a navy strength gin.

With its modern geometric surfaces JUPITER POLARIS creates an extraordinary optical experience like the northern sky on a frozen night. The shape and rich structure ensure a unique user experience whether it is whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac or tequilla.

Inspired by the moon & the pure forms of scandinavian design Luna conveys simplicity, instinctive forms & naturalness that would compliment most distillations, & non-alcoholic drinks.


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