New product development

From idea to bottle

From conceptualization to final production, we offer a comprehensive and seamless process that ensures your unique requirements are met with precision and creativity.

1. Idea


Sparking ideas: your journey begins here

Every extraordinary project starts with an idea. Whether you come to us with a fully prepared design or a simple sketch, our team collaborates closely with you to refine and shape your vision. Even if you’re uncertain about your requirements, we work tirelessly to create a conceptual design that aligns with your product, company values, and overall vision.

2. Design creation


Bringing designs to life: where art meets innovation

Once your idea is established, our dedicated design studio leaps into action. Our team meticulously crafts several bottle design proposals, allowing you to explore various creative directions. Once you choose your preferred design, we finalize it and create a stunning 3D model that brings your concept to life. This model serves as the foundation for the subsequent technical plan.

3. Project feasibility review


Ensuring feasibility: efficiency at the forefront

Design proposals developed by our studio are guaranteed to be feasible in production, drastically reducing time-to-market. In cases where you provide your own designs or work with external agencies, our expert team conducts a comprehensive feasibility review to ensure seamless execution. With our bottle design expertise, we streamline the process, making it both efficient and effective.

4. Offer preparation


Crafting tailored offers: your vision is perfected

Our offer preparation stage encompasses a range of options and proposals catered to your unique requirements. Throughout this iterative process, we value your feedback, refining and enhancing the designs until we arrive at the perfect solution. Once the final proposal is confirmed, we create a detailed 3D model for the technical plan. Additionally, we offer the option of professional photography, technical photos, production photos, and even promotional videos to showcase your bottle in all its splendour.

5. Technical plan


The blueprint for success: the technical plan

With the order or offer confirmation, we dive into producing the technical plan. This comprehensive blueprint guides the manufacturing process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to your specifications.

6. Prototype making


Unveiling the prototype: touch and feel your vision

To provide you with a tangible experience, we offer the option to request a 3D print or Plexiglas prototype. This prototype, available in black, grey, or white, gives you a realistic preview of your final product. Typically, we create the prototype after finalizing the technical plan, allowing you to witness your vision taking shape.

7. Sampling


Sampling your brilliance: from theory to reality

Following the confirmation of the technical plan, we move forward by ordering a pilot mould, which typically arrives within 4-6 weeks. This mould includes a preformer and a final model. Our meticulous sampling process ensures quality control, and we provide you with a sample and a detailed sampling report for your evaluation. You have the option to be present during the sampling process or receive regular updates through Teams or email.

8. First production


The grand unveiling: your bottle comes to life

As we near the final stage, we order a regular mould containing multiple preformers and final models. With all the details meticulously accounted for, we proceed to the first production. Upon completion, we proudly present you with your exquisitely crafted glass bottles and provide a report of the first production. Once you confirm the report, your development project is complete.

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Why us
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