New management in Steklarna Hrastnik. The function of the CEO will be assumed by Matevž Fazarinc.

New management in Steklarna Hrastnik. The function of the CEO will be assumed by Matevž Fazarinc.

After a successful seven-year operation of Steklarna Hrastnik under the management of its CEO Peter Čas, during which our glass factory became one of the leading actors in Europe, the General Assembly of Steklarna Hrastnik has adopted a decision pertaining to a change in the company management. The function of the CEO will be assumed by Matevž Fazarinc, while the previous CEO Peter Čas, who will no longer be responsible for the operative management of the company, will assume a supervisory function. The reasons for this decision lie in the new challenges and strategic goals faced by Steklarna Hrastnik and Vaider Group, of which Steklarna Hrastnik is a member. In addition to strategic development at the level of Vaider Group, Peter Čas will continue to assume the operative management of the investment in the Serbian glass factory in Paraćin, which is currently relaunching its production and an extensive investment cycle.

I have spent 7 intensive years managing Steklarna Hrastnik, and I am extremely proud of this period. We have managed to completely transform our glass factory, strongly increase its productivity and added value, and build an internationally recognisable brand. The time has come for me to leave the operative management of the company to others and focus on strategic projects at the level of the Vaider Group, where we would like to achieve further growth and also implement the launched and planned investments in our factory in Paraćin, Serbia,” said Peter Čas about this mutual decision.

Matevž Fazarinc, the new CEO of Steklarna Hrastnik, joined the company in April 2022 as the Director of Operations and also assumed additional responsibilities as the Executive Director. Before joining Steklarna Hrastnik, he was occupying leading positions in the field of development and production in Knauf Insulation (2017–2022) and SIJ Acroni (2015–2017). He has a doctorate in the field of materials.

In these past two years, I have gotten to know the ins and outs of Steklarna Hrastnik, its production processes, employees, business partners, developmental challenges, and opportunities. We have an excellent foundation to ensure further development and successfully tackle new challenges arising from both the external and the internal environment. We are already one of the leading glass factories in the world in terms of technological innovations and energy efficiency, which has been further confirmed by last year’s production and the introduction of green hydrogen. We see many new opportunities in this field; we have already set up some strategic projects and investments, and we definitely intend to continue pursuing this direction. I believe in the bright future of the Hrastnik glass factory, which will also be achieved through close cooperation with our business partners,” said the new CEO of the company Matevž Fazarinc upon his appointment.



Matevž Fazarinc, CEO

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