New Juno and Sens collection bottles

New Juno and Sens collection bottles

Hrastnik1860 has been manufacturing products from one of the clearest glasses in the world since 1860. That is more than 160 years of experience developing sophisticated glass products and progressively delivering glass packaging experience that no one else can match.

New captivating collection bottles are being developed all the time, always supported with great visualisations and technical sheets to make your decision easier. Choose between more than 20 different bottle designs for spirit, of different volume and neck type, or hand-pick between 12 different bottle designs for your perfume. Fragrance bottle volumes are available in 100ml, 50ml, 30ml and many shapes and sizes, a perfect fit for your complex perfume.

Besides developing collection bottles, we are more than able to make personalised bottles or make your dream bottle masterpiece. Our design studio and technologists love a challenge!

Juno collection bottle
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Sens collection bottle
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