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Monologue Gin

Gin Monologue links a unique history of the Slovenian’s landscape attractions, which is spread between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Michelin Star chef Tomaž Kavčič Restaurant at Lojze Zemono mansion (Vipava valley) wanted a completely Slovenian story and presented his gin after three years of developing.

The gin is made according to traditional procedures. The spirit’s distinct flavour, with a particularly strong note of nature, comes from a unique selected blend of handpicked 11 herbs and spices. It’s made from cereals of higher quality and from distillates of natural extracts of juniper berries and selected herbs. The process coincides with the maceration of juniper berries and mixtures of herbs, which are then distilled in classical boilers. This is how gin is created, which is characterized by a sensible aroma of selected Mediterranean herbs, which together with the brine form a harmonious taste.

In year 2018 gin Monologue won double gold medal at Great American International Spirits Competition.





Simply pure

»Proud that I had the privilege to partner with Hrastnik1860 and develop a top-quality bottle made from world-class glass that resembles purity of nature.«

Tomaž Kavčič wanted the bottle design and the brand identity to be in line with the recipe. The bottle and the round outer packaging for this alcoholic beverage showcase this aesthetic. The distinctive typography directs the view to the product name. Another eye-catching feature is the delicate illustration of a green leaf against the backdrop of an otherwise black-and-white packaging.

For Hrastnik1860 it is very important to be able to understand the challenges customers have in this specific industry. Having a strong team of development, technical and production experts who are willing to go many times through the feasibility of different options was considered a turnkey in winning the following project.

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