Attractive spiral galaxy.

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Attractive spiral galaxy.

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Discover the mystique of the Malin bottle

Powerfully and mysteriously attractive bottle with a seductive dome as the centre of the galaxy. The bottle is modestly conical with a standard cylindrical shape and curves, far from ordinary. The lightweight bottle is intended to be used with all kinds of spirits, a very versatile premium bottle.


  • Volume: 700 ml
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Finish: F10, GPI
  • Quality standard: Premium

Malin is the largest galaxy known so far, measuring about six times the diameter of the Milky Way, and due to its size and distance, an air of mystery still surrounds it. An alluring mystery also characterizes the Malin bottle with its seductive dome shape resembling the centre of a galaxy.

Malin is a slightly conical bottle with a standard cylindrical shape. Designed for use with all types of spirits, the lightweight bottle demonstrates its greatness through its versatility, making it easily associated with the wondrous spiral stars from which it takes its name.

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