Detailed perfections, sophisticated design and renowned structure.

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Detailed perfections, sophisticated design and renowned structure.

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Embodying the sophisticated shape, Lyra displays its modern design and is a real eye-catcher.

Story of Lyra

Lyra is a small constellation with arguably the next most important star in the sky. The gods were so impressed with the melody of the lyre that after Orpheus died, they send an eagle to get the lyre and place it in the sky.

Lyra is an outstanding bottle with a sophisticated design and a renowned structure. Its design is immaculate, it has a form of godliness to it and yet it is strong, showing confidence and determination. Detailed perfections of the bottle will make Lyra the next most important bottle in your collection.

The melody of spirits

Lyra’s shape with exemplified, bold shoulders is well balanced, mirroring along the centerline of its rounded body. It has a charming punt, beautify pushed up bottom, creating a dome which catches and reflects the light. All features as a whole add to the bottle attractiveness, it has beautiful symmetry and timeless elegance.

Lyra is beautifully designed and engineered with precision. The pureness of the glass bottle stands as a canvas for bringing your spirit brand to life with multiple decoration choices. Our in-house design studio is available to make your dream bottle a reality.

It's not about what it is,
it's about what it can become.

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Why us

Clear vision, state of art technology and environmental commitment don’t end with our product but start within the burning heart of the company.

Why us
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