Stories of Hrastnik1860

La Distillerie Generale

A collaboration between the finest experts in the spirits industry, The Distillerie Générale merge generations of savoir-faire from bigger brands such as Martell Cognac and Chivas Whisky with the contemporary creative streak of “small batch” production. Owned by Pernod Ricard, the exclusive spirits line includes Cognac, Gentian, wormwood, vodka, gin, Armagnac, rum, mezcal, whiskey and tequila; each of which is presented in a bespoke 35cl or 50cl bottle with an embroidered fabric label.

Each alcohol in the line has a special link to the Pernod-Ricard portfolio, having been created or selected by professionals working with their brands. For example, the gin is an expression meant to bring something fresh to the traditional London Dry with a recipe created by Beefeater’s Master Distiller Desmond Payne. Other stories include a particular single cask selection of six whiskies. Chivas Master Blender Sandy Hyslop personally chose five different single malts and one single grain from their private liquid library in order to highlight the subtleties, specificities, and variety of Scotch whisky.


Quality with refined simplicity

The world’s largest library of rare spirits deserves the best.

In addition to the gustatory, there was also the graphic element to be considered. Glass design, a carafe inspired by the 18th century and embroidered labels for each brandy universe, the “craft” spirit is in the spotlight!

Designers Paul-Bertrand Mathieu and Louis-Marie de Castelbajac ensured that the branding unified all the spirits, but also allowed each one to stand out with the use of color. The resulting fabric labels with hand-embroidered poetically yet pop images are issued by the same workshops as the Royal Navy insignias. Each bottle comes with an equally well-designed spec sheet providing all the details including its origin. Enhanced, sophisticated look and feel of the bottle is made from extra white flint glass in Hrastnik1860.

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