Bottle with purpose and elegant design has a unique ability to connect with water and spirit.

CONTACT See first Juno project

Bottle with purpose and elegant design has a unique ability to connect with water and spirit.

See first Juno project

Juno is one of the brightest asteroids and now also one of the most powerful bottles. In it’s core is all about commitment and marriage, hence it represents the best partner for your drink. Pairing Juno bottle with your drink will make you feel it was written in the stars.


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Juno was adopted for a charity project

New save the planet movement is just launched. It is keeping us aware of keeping our beverages and nature safe, pure and healthy. Rotary Slovenia strives to make Slovenia the first country in the world to stop using plastic bottles for water and other beverages in the following five years. Hrastnik1860 has developed infinitely re-cyclable packaging to support this campaign since it is important that we all take this matter into our own hands and make sure that nature is again nature. The basic purpose of the project was to create a bottle with which they want to encourage everyone to stop using water and other drinks filled in plastic bottle. SEE VIDEO >>

The project was implemented with the One Stop Shop approach, as we tried to answer the customer’s questions and challenges, he faced in developing the project. In the first phase, we prepared a set of suitable bottles, from which they chose the Juno bottle, which has newly joined our collection of bottles. We equipped the bottle with carefully prepared decor and added a wooden stopper to it. Together with our partner, we have developed secondary cardboard packaging. All components of the bottle are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. In addition, the entire project is based on charity, as a certain share of each bottle sold will be donated to projects in the field of human health, planet protection and support for art and culture.

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Why us

Clear vision, state of art technology and environmental commitment don’t end with our product but start within the burning heart of the company.

Why us
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