Hrastnik1860’s sustainability report 2020

Hrastnik1860’s sustainability report 2020

At Hrastnik1860 great emphasis is given to our environmental orientation, higher quality of life and social responsibility in all forms. By implementing all the planned projects, we will be able to replace a third of the fossil fuel consumption by 2025 using green energy, increase our energy efficiency by 10%  and decrease our carbon footprint by more than a fifth.

Sustainable development is at the centre of Hrastnik1860’s strategic vision and operation.

We are improving our energy efficiency and safety on a long term and investing in renewable energy sources. With innovative solutions we are increasing the consumption of waste heat, replacing fossil fuels with environmentally friendly fuels, increasing the utilisation of melting furnaces and introducing other novelties, friendly to people and the environment.

Glass is an ecologically pure material which can be 100% processed or recycled.

For a better tomorrow of future generations.

Hrastnik1860's Sustainability Report 2020
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