The Glass Hallmark

HRASTNIK1860 Commitment to Sustainability

At HRASTNIK1860, we take pride in leading the way in sustainability within the glass packaging industry. As one of the pioneers worldwide to introduce the Glass Hallmark on our glass products, we are deeply committed to addressing environmental concerns and advancing toward a more sustainable future. The Glass Hallmark is more than just a symbol; it serves as a testament to our dedication to preserving the planet for future generations.

Introducing the Glass Hallmark

The Glass Hallmark represents the promise to provide packaging that not only protects and preserves the products within but also aligns with our desire for sustainable choices.

HRASTNIK1860 Vision for a Sustainable Future

In our shared vision, HRASTNIK1860 and Glass Hallmark, we envision an eco-conscious world free from environmental damage, where the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants takes centre stage. As industries evolve and businesses make strides toward positive change, we are taking deliberate steps to reduce our environmental footprint. People worldwide are seeking products and packaging that harmonize with their values, as they strive for a healthier planet and an enhanced quality of life.

How the Glass Hallmark Benefits You

Instant Visual Recognition

The Glass Hallmark is a universally recognized symbol that swiftly conveys the sustainable attributes of our glass packaging. When you spot the Glass Hallmark on a product, you can trust that it meets high standards for recyclability and environmental friendliness.

Empowering Sustainable Choices

By choosing products with the Glass Hallmark, consumers are actively contributing to a more sustainable future. The mark empowers individuals to make environmentally responsible choices, knowing that their decisions support a circular economy and minimize environmental impact.

Advocating Conscious Consumerism

The Glass Hallmark serves as a reminder of what we love about glass – its eco-friendliness, timeless appeal, and ability to protect what’s inside. It encourages consumers to consider the environmental impact of their choices and opt for sustainable packaging solutions.

Industry Leadership

As pioneers in adopting the Glass Hallmark, HRASTNIK1860 demonstrates a commitment to advancing the glass packaging industry’s sustainability efforts. We take pride in leading by example and inspiring other businesses to embrace environmentally conscious practices.

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