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Our awards

Two Environmental Awards
Most sustainable company of the year 2021
Awards - Two Environmental Awards

Two Environmental Awards

Steklarna Hrastnik has won two environmental awards for its innovative and sustainable projects.

The Slovenian Environmental Fund and the Finance newspaper presented the awards in the categories of Environmentally Friendly Company and Environmentally Friendly Glass Melting with Hydrogen Combustion.

Steklarna Hrastnik has made significant investments in improving energy efficiency and reducing its environmental impact, including utilising waste heat, replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources, and maximising melting furnaces. Steklarna Hrastnik sets measurable and assessable environmental and sustainable goals annually and is proud to be recognised for its achievements by Slovenia’s professional and business public.

More information here: Two Environmental Awards for Steklarna Hrastnik | Hrastnik1860

German Economy Award
German Economy Award 2021 for Steklarna Hrastnik
Awards - German Economy Award

German Economy Award

Steklarna Hrastnik has won the 2021 German Economy Award, presented by the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Slovenia) in partnership with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Slovenia, IEDC – Bled Business School, and the WISE Institute (World Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Rising Economies)

The expert panel acknowledged our commitment to pursuing technological progress while taking into account social and environmental concerns. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to prioritize sustainable business strategies that provide benefits for both the company and society.

More information here: Preis der deutschen Wirtschaft (

Gold award of the national selection of innovations of the Chamber of Co...
The sustainable bottle made exclusively from 100 % green hydrogen and 100 % recycled glass represents innovation at the international level.
Awards - Gold award of the national selection of innovations of the Chamber of Commerce (GZS)

Gold award of the national selection of innovations of the Chamber of Commerce (GZS)

Steklarna Hrastnik received the gold award for the best innovation of the year from the Chamber of Commerce Slovenia, for the production of sustainable glass packaging using green hydrogen and recycled glass.

We wanted to demonstrate that with the carbon-neutral bottle product, the transition to carbon neutrality is already possible today.

The sustainable bottle made exclusively from 100 % green hydrogen and 100 % recycled glass represents innovation at the international level.

More information here: Hrastnik1860 is the gold winner of the national selection of innovations of the Chamber of Commerce (GZS) | Hrastnik1860

EcoVadis Gold medal for sustainability 2022
Steklarna Hrastnik has been awarded a Gold medal as a recognition of EcoVadis 2022 Rating.
Awards - EcoVadis Gold medal for sustainability 2022

EcoVadis Gold medal for sustainability 2022

The EcoVadis Gold Medal ranking is based on four key areas: environment, ethics, human and labor Rights, and sustainable procurement. Steklarna Hrastnik was noted for making significant improvements in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility, and sustainable workflow.

This recognition demonstrates our strong commitment to environmental, social, and ethical performance. Hrastnik1860 will work as one to further strengthen our sustainability efforts and remain a corporation trusted by society. We will continue to deliver sustainable growth and meet the expectations of our stakeholders by contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through our business.

More information is available at EcoVadis.

Red Dot Design Award 2022
e.bottle quality is also reflected in the design and awarded.
Awards - Red Dot Design Award 2022

Red Dot Design Award 2022

At Hrastnik1860 we are constantly working to improve our products, wherever possible, together with our customers, to offer them the best possible solution for their requirements. It’s nice that the e.bottle quality is also reflected in the design.
More about e.bottle Smart Solution.

The Red Dot Award dates back to 1955. It is now one of the world’s largest and best-known design competitions. To appraise the diversity in the field of design in a professional manner. All participating products are individually evaluated by an independent and international specialist jury. The international jury only awards the coveted quality seal to distinctive products due to their outstanding design.

More information is available at

German Innovation Award 2021
We convinced the jury with eBottle.
Awards - German Innovation Award 2021

German Innovation Award 2021

Steklarna Hrastnik ranks among the winners of the Gold distinction, the highest one awarded by the jury for the German Innovation Awards 2021. The company convinced the jury with eBottle, which was entered in the ‘Food & Beverages’ category in the ‘Excellence in Business to Consumer’ class of the competition. The intelligent bottle features a reusable electronic tag that combines wireless smartphone communication, IoT sensor elements, and RBG LED functions.

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