German Innovation Award 2021

Hrastnik gets highest German Innovation Award

Steklarna Hrastnik ranks among the winners of the Gold distinction, the highest one awarded by the jury for the German Innovation Awards 2021. The company convinced the jury with eBottle, which was entered in the ‘Food & Beverages’ category in the ‘Excellence in Business to Consumer’ class of the competition. The intelligent bottle features a reusable electronic tag that combines wireless smartphone communication, IoT sensor elements, and RBG LED functions.

The German Innovation Awards jury is made up of top-class experts from a range of disciplines and embodies diverse expertise, including in product design, marketing, computer science, history of technology, physics, patent consulting, and financial services.

Smart solution for your brand

eBottle not only packages the product but as a smart glass bottle also transports the brand world in an intimate and contemporary fashion to the end customer. This permits direct communication with consumers, creating an expanded customer experience that can reinforce the bond with the brand. An interesting, technically cleanly implemented marketing tool that promises versatile use and communication potential for modern brands.

It’s not about what is, but what could be

Innovative approach doesn’t end with products. We’re always looking for new ways to grow your brand and redefine what is possible.

Specialized in targeting niche products for the high-end industry allows us not to be content with resting on our accomplishments but constantly reach for more. To continue on providing high-quality innovative services we strive to always stay one step ahead. This resulted in establishing the New Materials Development Centre, which develops new and innovative materials while searching for environment-friendly solutions in collaboration with several scientific research institutions.

It endeavours to develop more automation and improved optimization of the production processes, thereby providing a significant competitive advantage.

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