German Design Award 2023

Lyra & Lyra Vintage

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Our bestsellers, the Lyra and Lyra Vintage bottles, are not only extremely popular with customers but are also proud recipients of the German Design Award 2023.

The German Design Awards set international standards for innovative design development and competitiveness in the global market. Award-winning outstanding design achievements ensure that design trends are visible everywhere, both in industrial sectors and in glamorous environments.

The German Design Awards are the premium award of the German Ministry for Economics and Technology. Stand as one of the most prestigious recognitions in the global design landscape. Since 2012, these awards have highlighted significant design trends in product design, communication design, and architecture, showcasing exceptional submissions to a broad audience.

Story of Lyra

Lyra is a small constellation with arguably the next most important star in the sky. The gods were so impressed with the melody of the lyre that after Orpheus died, they send an eagle to get the lyre and place it in the sky.

Lyra is an outstanding bottle with a sophisticated design and a renowned structure. Its design is immaculate, it has a form of godliness to it and yet it is strong, showing confidence and determination. Detailed perfections of the bottle will make Lyra the next most important bottle in your collection.

Vintage is always in style

Lyra Vintage style brings in glamour and luxury with a beautifully ribbed glass surface.

Lyra Vintage is based on our Lyra collection bottle but with a ribbed structure that gives a 1920’s Great Gatsby vibe. It has a ribbed round exterior wall with one flat and smooth surface, that serves as a perfect place for your decoration or label.

Lyra Vintage is a magnificent bottle with an elegant design and an eminent structure. Its design is exquisite, the style emphasises surface embellishment and it is aesthetically pleasing. Exceptionally versatile bottle, capable of adapting and easily fulfilling your desires.

The melody of spirits

Lyra’s shape with exemplified, bold shoulders is well balanced, mirroring along the centerline of its rounded body. It has a charming punt, beautify pushed up bottom, creating a dome which catches and reflects the light. All features as a whole add to the bottle attractiveness, it has beautiful symmetry and timeless elegance.

Lyra is beautifully designed and engineered with precision. The pureness of the glass bottle stands as a canvas for bringing your spirit brand to life with multiple decoration choices. Our in-house design studio is available to make your dream bottle a reality.

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