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Francoli Grappa

Francoli Grappa comes from Val Chiavenna where Master Distiller Luigi Guglielmo Francoli began to distill the alcohol in the second half of the nineteenth century. He moved to Ghemme in the early 1950s and was quickly followed by his four brothers who formed the company Fratelli Francoli. Now managed by the fifth generation of the family that hands down the passion, art, and quality of grappa. The focus is on the distillation of only typical Piedmontese vines (Nebbiolo, Moscato, Brachetto and Arneis) and the aged products are always housed in the same old wooden casks.

The culture and information that revolves around the grappa product is committed to the environment by using vegetable fuels, complete use of the pomace and the reuse of the water used by the plants. They reforested a large area of land in Costa Rica to help to absorb the company’s CO2 emission. Francoli also installed a photovoltaic panel system able to generate electricity by capturing the sun’s rays. These are the first steps in moving towards autonomy in terms of energy by using alternative, natural, clean, and renewable sources.


Sustainability in mind

Distillerie Francoli was the first grappa distillery ever to be awarded the distinction of being 100% carbon-neutral (Impatto Zero® -Zero Environmental Impact).

For Hrastnik1860 environmental responsibility and policies are the cornerstones of all operations. By constantly analyzing and monitoring products and services, we invest in technological solutions, that have a positive impact and promote change in the right way. As actively expanding in the Spirits business it is very important to be able to understand the challenges customers have in this specific industry. Having a strong team of development, technical and production experts who are willing to go many times through the feasibility of different options was considered a turnkey in winning the following project.

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