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Hrastnik1860 glass trophy for the most prestigious perfume award

Steklarna Hrastnik is setting new milestones and strengthening its position in the perfume industry. This is proven by the agreement on long-term cooperation with The Fragrance Foundation France, for which Steklarna Hrastnik last year manufactured the trophy for the most prestigious award in the perfume industry, the FiFi award.

Steklarna Hrastnik designed the trophy, a totem perfume bottle, in cooperation with Sylvie de France and Quadpack. The trophy is made from sustainable materials; glass, wood, and organic cotton, and reflects excellence of design, manufacturing, and environmental responsibility.


Created with attention to details

Steklarna Hrastnik is capable of realising the most technically complex projects in a rather short time, both boutique batches and large orders

The FiFi award recognises exceptional achievements in the perfume industry which were presented to the market in the previous year, and which stand out for fragrance, packaging, and communication. As the award honours excellence and innovation in the perfume industry, the Foundation wants this to be reflected in its trophy, which also needs to be sustainable. The choice of glass and wood as sustainable materials was logical, while it was a challenge to realise the idea to use the transparency of glass to show that fragrances bring light to our lives. Another challenge was the upgrade, i.e. to make a trophy whose transparency will reflect the idea that fragrance brings light, says Steklarna Hrastnik.

The trophy, which shows reliefs of perfume bottles, is the result of cutting-edge technology and the knowledge of the glassmakers from Hrastnik. It is distinguished by exceptional optics, purity of glass, and a detailed imprint of perfume bottles.

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