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Dilemmas when choosing your ideal glass bottle

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1. Collection, bespoke … is there really any difference?

Which is the right fit for me?

The decision to opt for a collection or a custom/bespoke design ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. The choice between a collection or bespoke design will therefore depend on your budget, timeline, and branding goals.

A collection bottle is versatile and can be used for multiple types of drinks. On the other hand, a bespoke bottle is custom-made with a unique shape or design that caters to the specific needs of a particular customer.

Let’s check the pros and cons of both.

Collection bottles

  • no entry costs
  • stock availability
  • shorter lead time
  • lower MOQ
  • wide range of bottle shapes
  • full-service solution
  • no major modifications to the shape
  • bottle shape could already be seen on the market


Collections typically offer a wide range of bottle designs in various sizes that are readily available for purchase. The possibilities for personalization are endless even when choosing a collection bottle. Various colours, labels, other decoration techniques and various closures are available. To a limited extent, we can also customize the shape of the collection bottle itself.

Bespoke bottles

  • uniqueness
  • custom design
  • New Product Development & Design Studio team support
  • full-service solution
  • entry costs (design, mould, etc.)
  • development (longer time to the market)



With a custom bottle, you have the opportunity to work with a team of experts who can create a bottle that perfectly reflects your brand vision and values. This option may take longer to produce, but the result can be well worth the investment.

2. Why is the minimum quantity for ordering so important?


Products and services you need, no matter the order size?

Supplier Minimum Order Quantities, or MOQs, refer to the minimum order size that a supplier will accept. We prioritize meeting your needs and aim to be flexible, even with minimum product orders.

Since our primary focus is on the business-to-business market, we typically manufacture large product series. However, if your desired quantity is lower than our production capabilities, we have a wide distribution network to guide you to the right address. Our usual minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces, but feel free to contact us for more information.

The minimum order quantity for a custom bottle usually starts at around 30,000 pieces, but it can vary depending on the project’s complexity.

3. What is the development process for creating a custom bottle?

I need a bottle ASAP …

The development process of a bespoke bottle involves several crucial steps, starting with generating a great idea that aligns with your unique requirements.

  • IDEA: The first step in developing a bespoke bottle is coming up with a great idea that meets your unique requirements. ↓
  • DESIGN CREATION: Once you have your idea, the next step is to create a design that brings your concept to life. This is where you’ll work with a designer to create a 3D rendering of your bottle. ↓
  • FEASIBILITY REVIEW: Before moving forward, it’s essential to conduct a project feasibility review to ensure that your bottle can be produced in our factory within your budget, timeline, and quality requirements. ↓
  • OFFER PREPARATION: Once the feasibility review is complete, you’ll receive an offer outlining the scope of the project and associated costs. ↓
  • TECHNICAL PLAN: With the offer accepted, a technical plan is created to specify the bottle’s exact specifications, materials, and production processes. ↓
  • PROTOTYPING: Using the technical plan, a prototype is made to test and refine the design before moving forward with full production. ↓
  • SAMPLING: Once the prototype is approved, sampling begins, and small batches of the bottle are produced for quality testing and refinement. ↓
  • FIRST PRODUCTION: Finally, full-scale production can begin, and your bespoke bottle is ready to hit the market.

4. What decoration techniques for glass bottles are available?

Can I »dress to impress« my bottle with you?

Whether you’re just starting with your idea or you’re already in the midst of the design process, our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way. Impress your customers with innovative decoration methods including screen printing, hot stamping, precious metals, UV colours, spraying, satin imitation, tampo print, decal application, and metalization. As part of our full-service solution, we provide you with everything you need, from the bottle to the necessary accessories, including closures to add the final cherry on top to your brand.

Add your signature touch to ensure that your exceptional spirit catches the eye of potential customers, and opt for top-of-the-line decoration. You can choose from a vast array of decoration options or consult with our team for further customization possibilities. Either way, we’ll help you make sure that your brand stands out on the shelves.

We understand that a great product is more than just a pretty package. It’s about the entire user experience, including the satisfaction that comes from opening a bottle. That’s why we focus on creating not only stunning visuals but also exceptional usability and a premium look with a variety of closures we can offer you. We strive to ensure that your spirit’s exquisite taste is reflected not just in the bottle’s appearance, but also in its use.

5. Transport paperwork, documentation, declarations, …

Do you need help with that?

We can offer efficient transport and document preparation services to satisfy your demands thanks to our large transport network throughout Europe and beyond.

We ship our products from our production facilities located in Hrastnik, Slovenia, but can deliver shipments worldwide upon request. We offer the option to arrange transport and export-customs documentation for your order, making the process as convenient as possible for you.

Our logistics team is dedicated to ensuring that your order is delivered to you in a timely and secure manner. We work closely with trusted logistics partners to provide you with the best possible delivery options based on your location and shipping requirements.

In addition, we offer various packaging options to ensure your order is protected during transport. Our team can help you choose the best packaging solution based on your specific needs and requirements.
We understand the importance of clear and accurate documentation for international shipments, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary export-customs documentation to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free delivery process. Our experienced team can assist with all necessary documentation, including customs declarations, certificates of origin, and other required paperwork.

Overall, we strive to make the transportation and delivery process as convenient and stress-free as possible, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

6. What certificates should I pay attention to?

What’s the fuzz about certifications …

When selecting a glass packaging manufacturer for your project, it may be tempting to choose the first contact you come across or the supplier with the lowest price. However, these approaches could result in choosing a manufacturer who doesn’t prioritize your needs. That’s why it’s important to inquire about the certifications of potential suppliers. What glass packaging certifications should you consider?

ISO 9001 establishes the criteria for a quality management system that can be utilized by any organization, irrespective of its size or industry. Currently, over one million companies and organizations in more than 170 countries are certified to ISO 9001.

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified. Designed for any type of organization, regardless of its activity or sector, it can assure company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

HACCP certificate. Due to growing concerns for people’s health, there is an increasing awareness around the world about the significance of food safety. Therefore, anyone operating in the food sector must ensure that their products or services do not harm the consumer. A HACCP certificate or statement of conformity serves as evidence that an organization’s production process has been audited by a team of competent professionals and meets the requirements of the HACCP system. Additionally, it is regularly monitored by an independent body that issues the certificate or statement of conformity.

SMETA certificate, also known as Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, is an ethical audit methodology that covers all aspects of responsible business practices. Businesses adopt SMETA to evaluate and improve working conditions and environmental performance in their own operations and supply chains. This audit methodology is designed to protect workers from hazardous conditions, discrimination, overwork, low pay, and forced labour.

We are dedicated to acquiring certifications to establish our credentials and to demonstrate to other companies that we uphold a high standard of proficiency.

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