Fun and generous.

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Fun and generous.

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Your spirit's fashionable flair

The barrel-shaped bottle can accommodate any fashionable spirit and is the most preferred bottle for gin. However, it is also highly suitable for other spirits like whiskey. The round body and spacious sidewalls of the Diabolo bottle offer ample room for creative decoration, allowing you to customize your spirits in style.

Did you know that Diabolo is also a non-alcoholic mixed drink from France, which consists of lemon soda mixed with syrup?


  • Volume: 50/500/700/750 ml
  • Weight: 100-750 g
  • Finish: Fascette, GPI, OMN, PP, BVP
  • Quality standard: Super premium

Diabolo, fun by nature, is an innovative bottle designed for trendy spirits. Its compact and generous shape, slightly curved body, and the simplicity of its rounded harmonious lines contribute to the bottle’s softness and originality.


Start your exciting journey of style, taste, and creativity with Diabolo.

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