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We don’t look at Steklarna Hrastnik as a company, but rather a community. A place where each individual contributes by growing, learning and developing a clear vision. We put our people in the forefront of our activities by promoting entepreneurial and learning culture, carefully planning their development and creating an attractive work environment where everybody is encouraged to contribute while being treated with respect.

Why be part of SH team

We created a cohesive and team-oriented company culture that is based on good relationships, mutual respect and close cooperation.
We prove that we encourage growth and desire for learning new skills with rewarding innovation and proactiveness.
We are focused and goal-oriented place where every contribution is recognized and rewarded.
Everybody is welcome to participate in leading domestic and international trade fairs, conferences and events.
With us you can shape the future, solve technological challenges, co-create the factory of tomorrow and look for eco-friendly solutions.
We are a company where tradition is intertwined with new knowledge, innovation and advanced, environmentally friendly production technology.

Meet our team

There are no soloists in this area.
Sašo, maintenance specialist
Testimonial - Sašo, maintenance specialist

There are no soloists in this area.

The biggest challenge at our job comes with the sudden stalling of larger proportions. When the extent and the cause of elimination is known, action can be quick and routine. Otherwise, the situation is usually very complex and can also be stressful. However, it is in such cases that the unity, knowledge, experience and motivation of the team, which is indispensable in the work, are shown. There are no soloists in this area.

Sašo, maintenance specialist

Machinists are an important part of our production.
Domen, machinist
Testimonial - Domen, machinist

Machinists are an important part of our production.

Machinists represent are an important part of our production. Without them, production processes would not run smoothly and as well as they do. The biggest challenge comes when there is some new error that I have not yet encountered and I am trying to fix it. Of course, this is most pronounced on an afternoon or night shift when no technologists are present. But with our combined efforts we always eliminate the issue. Some take a little longer than others, but we are always happy to fix them and learn a lot from them.

Domen, machinist

We really work with each other as a team
Metka, Sales manager
Testimonial - Metka, Sales manager

We really work with each other as a team

I am employed in the glass packaging sales department. My work broadly covers sales activities, communication with clients and administrative tasks. Our departments are extremely interconnected and we work with each other as a team - when we need to "squeeze in" a few extra hours, we do our best. Employees can only do good work if they have such a team and I am extremely grateful for all the work they have done and the effort they put in daily. And last but not least - we are constantly surrounded by exceptional glass items that we produce. These, give us the extra motivation to present them to customers the way they are meant to be - the best.

Metka, Sales manager

My colleagues are very helpful to me
Branko, Tool Maintenance Manager
Testimonial - Branko, Tool Maintenance Manager

My colleagues are very helpful to me

I take care of the proper use of protective equipment, the proper functioning of the machines and devices in the workshop, the provision of sufficient resources for work and the order and cleanliness of the workshop. I must organize a smooth flow of repair, correction, tool control and preparation of tool changes and delivery to the machine. Let me mention that my colleagues are very helpful to me, without which these duties would be impossible to perform.

Branko, Tool Maintenance Manager

Premium glassware with modern machinery
Andrej, Head of Process Engineers Division
Testimonial - Andrej, Head of Process Engineers Division

Premium glassware with modern glassmaking machinery

In our department, we ensure the smooth running of the production process and thus ensure the adequacy of the products. We are committed to updating and improving existing technologies. If you are looking forward to an electrical engineering profession, working at Hrastnik1860 can be a great option as you are confronted with modern and diverse technologies that richly upgrade your knowledge. There are also many opportunities for new ideas to come to fruition. I will also highlight the result of the automation of work processes that make the job easier for employees at Hrastnik1860 - this visible progress greatly motivates me to find innovative solutions in the future.

Andrej, Head of Process Engineers Division

Key areas of work

Supervision of manufacturing, development and planning processes.

Employees in the operations sector are in charge of managing the manufacturing, development and planning processes.

These include the departments of Production, Development & Tool workshop and Production planning.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • care to ensure production realization and direct customer orders,
  • planning of production and development / maintenance of tools,
  • analyzing and optimizing technical processes, capacities and other areas within operations,
  • keeping production facilities running smoothly at all times,
  • care for proper consumption and sufficient quantity of material in accordance with the production plan.
Process control for mixing and smelting facilities, maintenance and ecology.

Technology sector provides process control for the technical field, including mixing and smelting facilities, maintenance and ecology.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • management of smelting facilities and installations within the smelting facilities,
  • care for equipment and devices within the company,
  • care for the maintenance and development of installations and infrastructure,
  • support and cooperation with other relevant areas and departments (support, sales, purchasing, etc.).
Oversees processes in the areas of finance, accounting and controlling.

They are responsible for managing processes in the areas of finance, accounting, controlling and operational activities of the company.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • lead the planning, monitoring and reporting processes regarding financial resources,
  • preparation of proposals for measures in case of deviations from plans or legal provisions,
  • mastering the structure of financing and working capital,
  • financial risk management,
  • care for property and liability insurance,
  • preparation of financial projections for business plans, projects.
Purchasing & Logistics
Responsible for the procurement and logistics processes.

Purchasing and logistics are responsible for managing the procurement and logistics processes in accordance with the company’s strategy and internal regulations.

The tasks include but are not limited to different areas of work within warehouses, transport services and freight forwarding.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • procurement planning (materials, services and energy), which is coordinated to fit the production plan,
  • comparison of offers and preparation of the necessary information for ordering,
  • negotiations with suppliers,
  • preparation of purchasing conditions for procurement,
  • preparation of contracts with suppliers,
  • resolving and closing complaints towards suppliers.
Quality control
Ensures the effective functioning in the whole field of quality.

Quality control ensures the effective functioning in the whole field of quality. These include Quality Management Systems, Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance and Packaging. This department holds the most employees in our company.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • quality assurance in company’s processes,
  • strategic quality assurance,
  • operational quality assurance,
  • optimization of processes inside the company,
  • operational quality control.
Sales & Marketing
Managing processes according to customer and market strategy.

Employees in Sales and Marketing are responsible for managing sales and marketing processes in accordance with the company’s customer and market strategy. Sales department includes three sales programs: Spirit packaging, Perfumery packaging and Tableware.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • marketing and development of new products,
  • ensuring planned sales results,
  • attend business and other events to network and gain sales opportunities,
  • monitoring and analyzing the development of markets, customers, products and identifying potential customers,
  • cooperation in the field of public relations,
  • measuring customer satisfaction.
HR & General Affairs
Managing areas of HR, Legal Matters, Work safety, Automation, Security…

The sector combines many different areas, none of which works well without the other.

It includes the Human Resources, Education, Legal Matters, Occupational Health & Safety, Security, Reception, Automation and Digitization departments.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • management of recruitment and personnel development processes, personnel operations, legal labour procedures,  administration and remuneration,
  • coordinating personnel issues with organizational unit managers and company management,
  • resolving personnel and labor legal issues with employees,
  • preparation of internal acts and rules regarding employment relations and personnel processes,
  • propose, plan and implement educational and other development programs,
  • preparation of materials for internal and external communication,
  • employer branding management.
Project Office & Investments
Preparing strategies and managing investment projects within the company.

This department is responsible for preparing strategies and managing investment projects within the company. Employees here are experts in energy, construction and mechanical engineering.

Employee responsibilities include:

  • planning, managing, supervising the implementation of investments,
  • preparation of technical and construction documentation,
  • archiving plans and documentation for investment maintenance work,
  • report on the progress and management of investments, maintenance work and projects,
  • conducting research, testing and analysis in the field of investment maintenance,
  • planning, supervision and management of investments on glass furnaces.

For students

Become the master of your future

Steklarna Hrastnik has a long tradition of cooperating with high schools and universities. We provide scholarships to students for professions on shortage occupation list and mandatory practical training under the guidance of a mentor.

We support and assist students with their project assignments and Bachelor theses, where we assign them a mentor as well. Scholarship holders and other eager young individuals are in for a bright future at Steklarna Hrastnik.

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