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For strong characters.

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Callisto shines with so many drinks

The design’s skilful balance gives Callisto decanter a modern image and a strong character. The thick base in the shape of a »suspended bridge« sublimates the purity and distinctiveness of the model. Its original and modern style is perfectly in line with the creative trends for super-premium spirits.

One of our bestselling decanters is perfectly suited for special editions of popular drinks. With large surfaces for decoration and distinct shapes, it stands out on the shelves. We recommend the Callisto bottle for whisky, rum, tequila, gin, cognac or any other spirit drinks, and it also provides a great home for various oils.


  • Volume: 500, 700, 750 ml
  • Weight: 750, 1000 g
  • Finish: OMN, GPI, Carnette
  • Quality standards: Super Premium

Callisto bottle is available in sizes 750, 700 and 500 ml volumes.

Named after Jupiter’s second-largest moon, and the solar system’s third-largest overall, Callisto stands as an ethereal poem to one of the more interesting and noticeable celestial bodies. Callisto’s moon is nearly matching the size of Mercury, therefore this bottle was quite rightly named after one of the more interesting and noticeable astronomical bodies in our solar system.

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