Being Part of the Story of Success and Personal Growth

Being Part of the Story of Success and Personal Growth

Steklarna Hrastnik truly wants the best to join its team and since 2018, we have been strategically investing in the comprehensive refurbishment of the image of Steklarna Hrastnik as a top employer. As a hi-tech company, Steklarna Hrastnik is a top employer and environmentally friendly company that allows individuals with a technical or economic background to build their career ambitions. A challenge for the best!

The branding of Steklarna Hrastnik required a professional and strategic approach, as the final “judgement” depends on numerous factors – what employees say about us to their friends and acquaintances or relatives, users’ opinions of our products and services, advertisements, media publications, and what “the street” has to say about us. All this shows how complex and comprehensive building a company brand is, as nothing is left to chance. Our employees’ stories help us break down prejudice against working in the glass industry, as when recruiting new employees, we are regularly faced with the challenge of attracting high-quality human resources from across Slovenia, due to an unfavourable demographic picture, geographic location, and the associated poor recognisability, or even prejudice against the hard and unattractive work in Steklarna Hrastnik.

“The jobs of the future in the glass industry include electrical and mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers, information scientists, and database experts. These highly skilled human resources, in all fields of the company’s operations, will be some of the key factors in achieving the set objectives and ambitious strategy. However, such human resources are lacking, and the decision to invest in a comprehensive refurbishment of Steklarna Hrastnik’s image as a top employer was absolutely necessary,” said Ivan Papič, Director of Human Resources and General Affairs at Steklarna Hrastnik.

This modular project started in 2018 and is being upgraded every year, and includes all employees at Steklarna Hrastnik. We are adapting to new generations and modern work methods, where possible. The first concrete effects and shifts are visible, but there are numerous challenges awaiting us on our path to the finish line. We will gladly tackle them, as we are convinced that the future of Steklarna Hrastnik offers challenges not only to its current, but also its future employees.

Click on the stories of Steklarna Hrastnik employees (link to the chosen video of the employees) which show, simply and honestly, how these individuals became part of Steklarna Hrastnik and what challenges their work poses. They prove that working in the glass industry is demanding, but the team and dynamics mean that it is never boring. Instead, it is always interesting and challenging.

Watch some of our stories:

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