5 latest fragrance trends predict future reality

What is the next step in fragrance trends?

According to findings from research SONAR company, 83% of consumers say that, when deciding between brands, they’ll always pick the one with a better sustainability record, and 70% are willing to pay more for products and services that help protect the environment or do not infringe on human rights.

Because of these facts, brands will need to accommodate shifting consumer priorities, some of which will accelerate wider issues that the industry has been facing over the longer term.

Source: Cosmetics Business

Maison Sybarite bottle made with Hrastnik1860

Sustainability creates new business opportunities

Maison Sybarite decided to go beyond safe product development and elevated the clean beauty concept to a committed beauty that benefits all. The way they work in partnership with all suppliers is a real evolution that guarantees their commitment to the most sustainable development goals: sustainability transparency, safety, and ethics.

The environmental protection focused and commitment to sustainable development was the point of start for cooperation between Maison Sybarite and Steklarna Hrastnik.

The fragrance line based on an innovative formula and are geared towards a health and eco-conscious consumer, being alcohol- and cruelty-free and featuring recyclable end packaging made with paper from sustainable forests.

Nowadays customers are asking for qualified facts and proof around brand ethical and sustainable practices. The need for transparency is greater than ever, and it does not only involve a brand or a product, but it now includes the entire supply chain.

Steklarna Hrastnik was chosen as a supplier of glass because it follows the guidelines of sustainable development and meets all the required criteria.

Business enhanced by sustainable goals.

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